About Us

We want to help you embrace the future of cyclingand reap the benefits of our amazing Power Ped Bicycles.


We take with saying
that our products increase self-esteem, improves stress tolerance and minimises overall fatigue.

Increase Self-Esteem

Decrease Stress

Minimize Overall Fatigue

Riding a PowerPed is unlike any bike or E-bike experience you have ever had.

Our bikes are powered by the latest technologies helping you travel further and faster than ever. While truly embracing an amazing experience.


Want to purchase an e-bike but feel that the price of them are a little high as you’re scared you may not use it?

This is why our rent system works precisely to help with issues just like these! What’s great is that on one battery charge alone the average cycle time is between 40-60 miles! So you can cycle to and from work plus some extra fun activities in between! How incredible is that? 

With our range of e-bikes travelling around never became so easy! Give it a test run so you can truly purchase knowing the electric bike is on hand to help you travel better than ever!

With a PowerPed mobility couldn’t be easier! Give it a test run to determine if this is the machine that will increase your mobility/expand your world!


What Our Client Say

I rented a e-bike from the guys at PowerPed and after riding for a few hours I was hooked. I immediately went back to the store and bought a bike for my daughter and me. They were knowledgeable and offered a great warranty on the bikes. Would highly recommend anyone getting a e-bike from them!

Brian Collins


What a fantastic experience! I rented these with ease and was able to ride for several hours. THe bikes rode very smooth and rode all over Delray. An excellent option if your are visiting the area or just on a day off like I did. Alex was very helpful and insightful on the how to’s.

Eric Walker


Power Ped

A Carbon Footprint Reducing Company

Our goal at PowerPed is to convert as many people as possible to the E-Bike Revolution. We are striving to educate people of the extraordinary benefits electric bicycles have and the significant improvements YOU can make with your individual carbon footprint as an owner. Imagine using your car less, being able to travel great distances on one battery charge, consuming less fossil fuels and getting exercise! Part of our mission at PowerPed is not only to educate you, the potential customer, on the advantages of our products but also to make direct contributions to the fight against climate change.

PowerPed understands cycling can be tiring and stressful on the body. Therefore, our bikes allow you to choose how much human power you would like to use. Allowing you to travel further and faster hen you ever have. By owning an e-bike this relieves all the strain by giving you the ability to continue to cycle even with the tired legs!

At PowerPed we love to encourage those who are not frequent riders to be open to the world of electric bikes and become a frequent rider. We know that you might not want to be riding 5-50 miles at a time with a traditional bike, an electric assistant with our e-bikes this becomes possible.

PowerPed electric bikes are for all ages but can be tailored to suit your own exercise routine! Whether you turn the motor on or not is entirely up to you! No matter the age, electric bikes offer a variety of health benefits such as lowered blood pressure and improves overall heart functions!
Great for a loved one or a person that wants to be inspired to exercise. We take pride in saying that our products increase self-esteem, provide stress relief, and minimizes overall fatigue.



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